Perspectives from the OG who was there from the beginning of UAE’s bboy scene.

Chris Lawrence aka CLFrostyle is the UAE’s OG when it comes to bboying. He was here when the first bboys started gathering in Deira City Center and Sharjah 20 years ago. He keeps pushing today, teaching the new generations and supporting our local talent.

For Chris, bboying is his lifestyle: he’s been learning, battling and hustling, expressing his thoughts by living and breathing Hip Hop for 12 years now. As he recalls, the movement started small and remains small, struggling to find locations where they can practice and teach freely.

Regardless, our bboys are some of the strongest of the region. They impact big through events like RedBull BC One, Urban Beats at JBR and our legendary Slam Fam. With their passion and work, Dubai has become one of the strongest centers of bboying of the Middle East.

Shoutout to our homie CLFrostyle for pushing, educating and sharing! Follow him here!