We talk to the man that saw the birth and growth of the street art scene in the UAE, Melancholy.

Years ago, he started selling his art in galleries. Now, he is a street artist, and his crew FWC has shaped the scene in the UAE. When he got here, the scene was discrete: you would only see Fres’ and Aybe’s pieces and tags around the city. Now it has evolved a lot, and you only see commissioned art in public space.

melancholy dubai uae street art graffiti 1

Social media helped him and his crew become renowned in the city, showing that there is a street art scene happening in Dubai and it’s not just all commercial pieces. Their biggest problem is the lack of walls to connect to other artists and to share their message, with a commercial and restricted street art scene.

We hope to see a change so that Melancholy, his crew and others can express their thoughts. Check his art here, his clothing line here and the works of his crew, FWC, here.