Khaleeji Trap

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Freek used to listen to Arabic Hip Hop that came from Morocco and Algeria, but he didn’t feel the need to do music himself. One day, he discovered Trax and Lil K, the pioneers of Arabic trap: that’s when he decided to be the first to do trap music in the Gulf, Khaleeji trap [there’s huge differences between accents]

He decided to go against the odds, to do something no one had ever done, and he’s doing it damn well. His Khaleeji trap songs are booming: more people listen to them every day.

Now, despite the many different Arabic accents which exist in the Middle East, he has built himself an international fan base. People from all over the Middle East contact him – stating that they love his music, connect with his messages. Freek told us that this is one of the most motivating things, which pushes him to keep producing music (watch these statement in our documentary here).

Freek wants to see more concerts happen, as well as more trap presence in the radio. Let’s make it happen, brothers and sisters! Follow him here and discover his crazy songs in his channel!