After his hits “Take off” and “We like to party”, Brizzy is back with another banger!

Saad Brizzy has just dropped his new song, “Love not war”, a song that is the proof of the growing and thriving music community we have in Dubai. With the support of artists like Freek TV, the Lebanese rapper wants to see his songs create happiness and send out a positive message.

Saad, inspired by Chris Brown and Drake, became famous with his song “Take off,” and after that, he quit his job to fully dedicate to music. His style reflects his upbringing, showing a mix US-Arab culture with a vision to put Beirut on the map in the international music scene; bringing attention to local talent and R&B culture in the Middle East.

About Dubai’s R&B scene, he says that producers don’t give enough opportunities to local talents and they focus on international artists too much. This is happening in other scenes too, and for this we ask you to support our local artists! We need your voice to make our talent visible!