The initiator of Dubai’s underground movement, the icon for underground electronic music in the Middle East, a regional cultural educator, a community movement of alternative-ism, and, of course, title holder for the wildest nights. Yes, Analog Room. Analog Room, you beautiful dark mystic creature – you are turning 5 years f’ing old.

We remember when you started, in a small pitch black venue, then evolving into the icon you are today. Putting the Middle East on the Techno world map by hosting international techno legends and pushing forward our local producers and DJ’s. For 5 years, 223 parties after, a culture exists. Thank you for staying true to the underground culture, pushing it, every Thursday in & out, and implementing it with initiatives such as the no filming (at least flash) philosophy, and truly incredible music on the best speakers.

We salute you. To another 223 and more. We are looking forward to celebrating this historic 223rd night into the late morning light.