Our Story

We are not those who say what to do or how to do it, what is cool or what is not. No. We are those friends who say, ‘Join us…’.  We are not another corporate institution advertising another activity.

We started Street Life for our needs and desires. To live our aspired lifestyle. We are exhausted from monotonous commercial events, tired of over-hyped news, restaurants, clubs, musicians. We want to know what is happening on the streets, in our neighborhoods, in our social circles. What locals are doing, what we are creating.

Street Life (un)covers the other side of our city, Dubai, past its stereotype of glitz and glamour. Connecting people with the latest ‘Local’ News in Music, Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle. We bring you one step closer to our local communities, our local taste makers, our local city districts.

We are on a mission to uncover Dubai’s true essence and flavors, in the most accurate and simplistic way possible. And provide a platform to promote & support DXB’s Talent and develop the creative, alternative, and underground communities… To show the world that the Middle East is an innovative creative metropolis, not an oil driven war zone.