Emerging Middle Eastern Hip Hop

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About The Documentary

To identify the rise of Hip Hop internationally, we must celebrate our roots. Where and when might you ask, was Hip Hop born?  How did it spread to the Middle East? How has our culture evolved?

To many of us, alongside Biggie and Snoop, Tupac was one of the pioneers to push the Hip Hop movement globally. Through his music, Pac affected how we breath, how we speak, how we move, how we live.

Today, the UAE has a thriving Hip Hop Community. Unique local and regional sounds are getting recognition globally, our bboys are represented in the largest international competitions, and home-grown fashion designers collaborate with major streetwear brands. UAE’s Hip Hop Culture is on the rise.

This short documentary is about understanding the story of some of the individuals who contributed to the rise of our thriving community, in the UAE and the Middle East at whole. How did Freek invent Khaleeji Trap? How did Behzad Leito adapt Western sounds to Iranian culture? What does Hip Hop mean to Big Hass – the host of Saudi’s first and only FM Hip Hop radio show? How does Hip Hop affect the daily life of CL Frostyler – one of the main bboy mentors? How does BJ’s Creative Agency ‘Jungle Beige’ advise streetwear brands to localize fashion products for the regional urban market?

Let’s learn about our scene but also go back to the roots and learn the true story of one of the creators of Hip Hop by watching “All Eyez On Me”, the highly anticipated biopic about Tupac Shakur, released in cinemas across the UAE and GCC on June 29. Check it and see what Hip Hop meant to Tupac.